Compiling Modules?



Hi All,

I’m using a compiled version of CellProfiler and would really like to test run several user developed modules for my pipeline. The problem I’m encountering is with respect to using the ‘.m’ modules in the compiled version of CellProfiler. From what I understand, these ‘.m’ modules have to be compiled into the ‘.txt’ format in order for them to be used properly without Matlab and without the Developers version of CP.

Is there a way I can compile these modules myself without MatLab? If not, would someone be able to do me a favour and compile the modules for me?

Thanks a lot! Appreciate the help.




Unfortunately, the way compiled Matlab works, you’re correct- another version of Matlab would have to be compiled including the modules that you wrote. If you have Matlab, no compilation is necessary; just adding your module to the Modules directory in CellProfiler will be enough for CellProfiler to find it and use it.

If you have written these modules without Matlab, just in a text editor or something, it’s very unlikely that they will work without some testing and debugging. It doesn’t really make sense, for that reason, to compile a version of CellProfiler which includes your untested modules- they most likely will require some tweaking. However, we welcome contributions to our code, and if you’d like to post your module we (and other users) will take a look!