Compiling cellprofiler 2 on cluster CentOS 6.4

I try to compile cellprofiler on centos 6.6 in a cluster environment.
I get this error:
…/Lib/libumfpack.a(umf_zl_local_search.o): In function umfzl_local_search': umf_local_search.c:(.text+0x14da): undefined reference tozgemv_‘
umf_local_search.c:(.text+0x155c): undefined reference to ztrsv_' ../Lib/libumfpack.a(umf_zl_blas3_update.o): In functionumfzl_blas3_update’:
umf_blas3_update.c:(.text+0x44a): undefined reference to ztrsm_' umf_blas3_update.c:(.text+0x598): undefined reference tozgemm_'
umf_blas3_update.c:(.text+0x651): undefined reference to `zgeru_'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

how can i get over it?
thank you


First, did you solve this? Sorry for the delay.

Are you using the instructions from Option 1 here? … e_makefile