Compiled version of CPCluster doesn't include MCR




I’m attempting to run CPCluster, version 1.0.5811, on a linux cluster. I downloaded the compiled version: However, the zip file doesn’t contain an MCR subdirectory, as the previous versions did. Looking at, it certainly seems as though the script is expecting to find the libraries there. When I start up CPCluster, it complains that it cannot find, which in previous versions was found down in MCR.


Rob Bjornson


That’s odd. I just downloaded from the website and unzipped it on my Mac. There’s definitely a CPCluster_mcr directory in there, and it is populated. Did you use the unzip command, or something else?

If you still cannot find it, then we can send you the MCRInstaller.bin straight from our 64-bit Linux cluster. Let us know.



Dear David,

Thanks for your reply. It’s not CPCluster_mcr I’m looking for (I do have that). Rather, it’s a directory named MCR, which was present in previous releases and contained (among other things) the library MCR/v73/runtime/glnx86/, which the CPCluster executable needs. I don’t see this library anywhere in the distribution.

I’m wondering; is this directory no longer part of the package? If not, can you tell me where I can get a linux version?




Ah yes, I read your initial post too quickly and confused which MCR you were describing. Indeed, Mathworks has changed their deployment process a bit, and we need to supply the MCRInstaller.bin for the Linux download, which I see was not done. Note that if your cluster has Matlab and the Matlab Compiler, then this is unnecessary and you can just point to your local mcrroot directory, but I’m assuming you don’t have one or both of those. We will update the website tomorrow with this download.

Sorry for the confusion,


The CP website download page has been updated with the Linux MCRInstaller (MCRInstaller_glnxa64.bin). Create an MCR directory, put this file there, and execute it (it’s a shell script). Then make sure that you point your mcr_path line to this directory. That should be it.



Dear David,

The MCR installer worked for me, and I am now running CPCluster. Thanks very much for the help.