Compatibility Between Different OMERO Server Versions


I am working on an OMERO plugin script that transfers data between OMERO servers. I am aware that it is not possible to transfer data between different major versions of OMERO, such as from 4.x to 5.x, but I wondered if you could tell me please if it might be possible to transfer between say 5.1.x and 5.4.x?

I think the incompatibility between different major versions is largely due to the ZeroC Ice middleware, but I wondered if this extends to more minor releases of OMERO? Many thanks.

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Johnny Hay

Hi Johnny,

I’m afraid that “An increment of the MAJOR version or the MINOR version is typically considered as a major release in OME, e.g. 5.0.0 or 5.1.0.”
as stated at
So it’s not supported to connect to both a 5.1.x and 5.4.x servers using the same client libraries.

Probably the easiest solution is to upgrade the older server to match the newer one (unless that breaks compatibility with other servers?).

Another option is to connect to e.g. 5.1.x server to export the images and metadata, then to connect to the 5.4.x server and upload the images and metadata.
If using this workflow, you might consider using
However this is probably not feasible with your OMERO.script approach.

If you code is available to view somewhere, that might help us to think of alternative solutions to the problem?



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Hi Will,

Many thanks for the reply and information, apologies for the delayed response. That’s fine, it’s what I thought would be the case, I just wanted to confirm. I shall provide a URL for the code in the Github repository shortly, and your feedback would be very much appreciated! Thanks.



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