Comparison of some tools for brain slice to atlas registration

Dear community,

Following the slicereg announcement thread, a table comparing the different tools available for brain slice to atlas registration has been started.

Currently tested (at least mentioned) tools:

  • amap (Python)
  • aMAP (Java)
  • brainreg
  • Histology
  • AMaSiNe (empty)
  • GPCPMBSI (empty)
  • WholeBrain (empty)
  • ABA-J (empty)
  • Slicereg (empty)
  • ABBA
  • HistoloZee (empty)

link to the table
link to the table (with google sheet layout)

If you know tools that are missing or if you want to complete the table, just write a message below (or pm me) and I will give you the access rights. It’s not necessary to be a developer of these tools to contribute. If you have a doubt about a criterion, just write that you don’t know it. Don’t forget to put your name at the bottom of the table.

The criteria in the table can certainly be improved, and others can be added, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in this thread!

poke : @adamltyson, @jkohl , @bchhun, @FelixM, @berl



PS : you can click here to see how a table of the same kind can be useful to users