Comparing Red Fluorescence to green fluorescence intensities


First, thank you all for building a wonderful program.

I’ve been easily able to understand how to obtain the “mean intensity” of my fluorescence images however I’m having difficulty navigating through another task.
I have two pictures of identical sections- in one histones are stained with red fluorescence while the other has protein stained with green fluorescence. I’m looking to find an inverse correlation between the concentration of the two. How would I be able to compare red fluorescence intensity in each particular pixel of the first picture to green fluorescence density in each pixel of the second picture?

Please let me know if my description is not well explained or if there is any way I can better explain my situation.

Thank you for your time,

Does the module Meassurecorrelation do what you need?

Actually, I think I got it using Displayscatterplot (Red on x-axis, green on y) > Intensity > Integratedintensity. Now, my only question is: does this module compare pixel for pixel? Like is the integrated intensity of the nuclei at crosshair x= 253 y= 726 on one picture being compared to the to the intensity of the nuclei at the exact same crosshair on my second picture?

Hi Stephanie,

The display tools (ScatterPlot, Histogram, and the like) plots the measure obtained from the object or image in question. So in your case, the module compares object for object, i.e., the object represented at one measure on one axis is the same object represented on the other axis. If you are looking for a per-pixel comparison within the images without regard to objects, you should use MeasureCorrelation as Feel suggested.