Comparaison of some tools for 3D dense ground truth annotations

And you might consider this one:

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I think also WebKnossos should be here.

Thank you for this post! It is a very nice collection of tools.

@constantinpape and others,

I’m trying out several of these 3D annotation tools for a new project (I’m a postdoc in Anne Carpenter’s group at the Broad). I’d like to test out Paintera but am indeed finding the learning curve quite steep.

Does anyone know if any documentation / video tutorials have been created for usage? It would be a big help for me!



@axtimwalde and @igorpisarev , any good “Paintera for beginners” resources you can point us to? Thanks so much, it seems super cool and we’d love to dig in!


Not yet. We are working on it. @igorpisarev works for Google now and we had a bit of a maintenance gap for the second half of 2020.


Totally understandable, good luck and we look forward to whatever you guys put together!