Company update site

I am a PhD student affiliated to both a university and a microscopy company. Currently we store the metadata in the image name, so I wrote a couple of Fiji macros to help working with those files (generating hyperstacks…).

I was wondering if it would be fine to distribute those macros via an update site that would have the name of the company ? The idea is to provide the customers with some small files utilitaries that would make it easier to go on with the analysis in Fiji. The macros will be freely distributed with their source code, and we wont make any financial profit out of it.

I don’t know any company holding an update site yet (eventhough some companies provide fee-paying plugins like Microvolution), but in the end this also foster the use of Fiji and we save some efforts to our users who could possibly write some boilerplate codes each on their side.

Let me know what you think !

Hi @LThomas

An example of a company that provides an update site is 3i (see My primary personal suggestion would be that you have your companies ok to use the name.