Comouting system requirements

I use cell profiller for cell counting. The pipeline I created consists of 12 modules.
My problem is that the pipeline works slow.
What are the computing requirements for cell profiller.

Hi Marina,

The speed of a pipeline will depend on a number of factors:
What’s the image size? Larger images will take longer to process. - How many modules? The more modules, the longer the pipeline will take to run.

  • Fro a given module, what settings are being used? Some operations are simply more computationally intensive than others.
  • Is a display window being shown for each module? The visibility of these windows can be toggled by clicking the “eyeball” icon, which frees up from computer resources.

If you can post your pipeline plus some sample images, we can take a look. Our attachment functionality is down right now, so you can use Dropbox or something similar.


Just a quick note: The attachment functionality seems to be back online, so feel free to upload a file directly.