Community made tutorials and project walkthroughs

Hello everyone,

I am currently setting up a project to track the wing movements of flies and have been making use of the overview guide provided by DLC to learn more about the software and its potential uses.

I was wondering if there were any more resources (tutorials or discussion) out there created by members of the community. It would be especially helpful to see an ongoing or completed project discussed in detail as well as the implementation and work flow used throughout the project.

If these resources exist I would appreciate any links or information about them, if not is there anyone willing to share information about their project and the process they used to achieve an outcome as I cannot seem to find any detailed examples.


Hello @RaymondA, it’s a late reply but have you taken a look at DeepLabCut’s example notebooks? DeepLabCut/examples at master · DeepLabCut/DeepLabCut · GitHub
The Nature Protocols paper may be useful too :slight_smile:

Hi Jessy,

Thanks for the reply and for linking the Github (examples) and the paper, both have been extremely helpful to me. The reason for my post is that I am curious to see what problems people are solving with DeepLabCut and how they are choosing to do so, as it would be a great way to learn what does and does not work well for project workflow and data analysis.