Community Driven QUAREP-LiMi Metadata Working Group

Happy November Everyone,

I am following up on the recent announcement posted by Roland Nietscke (@nitschro) about the launch of Quality Assessment and Reproducibility in Light Microscopy (QUAREP-LiMi) (

As part of QUAREP-LiMi, Working Group 7 (WG7) was established to work on Microscopy Metadata Guidelines.

The initial aim of WG7 is to evaluate and revise the set of proposed 4DN-BINA Extensions of the OME Microscopy Metadata Model (click here for the latest version of the extension proposal)

All are welcome to participate to WG7 and provide feedback.

If you want to join and work together, find information here:




@nitschro @joshmoore @UlrikeBoehm @dsudar @arturo.pimentel

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