Communication Micro-manager to DMD (DLPDLCR2000EVM)


I am trying to communicate the MicroManager with a DMD (DLPDLCR2000EVM). I tried some methods, but none of them were satisfactory nor user-friendly.

Please, does someone know how I could make this communication?

Thank you!

Hi @Thaisa,

That DLP kit looks like fun, but not like a very user-friendly device. Clearly, this is a board for experimentation and quite a bit of work is needed to integrate it nicely. As far as I understand it, the kit needs a video source, such as the BeagleBone Black or Raspberry PI that needs to be wired up correctly.

The easiest way to interface a DMD with Micro-Manager is to have the DMD appear as an other display (screen) for the host computer and using the GenericSLM device adapter. Scrolling through the documentation of this board, I do not see such an option. Clearly, someone with the technical expertise and the desire to make this work could probably write the needed missing pieces (and write documentation), but that looks like quite a bit of work to me.

We use the DLP LightCrafter 6500 which can be connected with an HDMI cable to the host computer and more or less works out of the box.

Hi @nicost ,

Thank you a lot for your reply! It is nice to have your opinion about the DLP integration to MM, I appreciate it.

Yes, I am experimenting with the BeagleBone Black. I am trying the GenericSLM, no success so far. It give an error (Error in device “GenericSLM”: Failed to attach monitor to desktop (20002)). I believe it didn’t recognized the BeagleBone Black. Do you think the reason for that is that the BeagleBone Black doesn’t have serial communication in its USB?

The Generic SLM is for DMDs that appear as an extra monitor to the Windows OS. So, if your BeagleBone has a HDMI, DVI, or similar connection that you can connect to your host computer and that makes it appear as an extra monitor, then you can use the Generic SLM device adapter. If it does not, but instead has some other interface to send images or video, then you most likely would need to write a device adapter to send images.

Hi @nicost ,

Thank you a lot! That was very helpful!


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