Common area of two overlapped images

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I need to find the common area of two overlapped objects, like indicated below.
This image shows two objects one is irregular one and other is a circle with the same area of 1st object and they are aligned in the geometric center of the irregular object. Is there a way to find the common area of two objects?

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if the “first” object is from a binary image and the circle is a selection, you only need to count the white pixels in the selection.



Thank you very much…Yeah you are right that image consist of a binary image and a selection. That will save my day…thank you very much…!

Hello, so i want do to something kind of similare.
I want to take two pictures which i will process that they will only be black and white. Then i would like to “overlay” the pictures and calculate how much the for example the black areas in the pictures are matching by giving out a percentage or overlapping area in cm².
I’m really new to ImageJ and tried first to find if something like this has been discussed already. This is the most matching i found.

Greetings Michael
I’m greatful for any help :wink: