Command with 2 Images

Hi all

I just wrote a command that takes two 3D images as input.

  1. If I use Img as the parameter type the GUI freezes when I attempt to select the image.
  2. If I use ImgPlus as the parameter type a message appears, complaining that no ImgPlus are open when I run the command.
  3. If I use Dataset as the input it works.

I wonder if the issue is related to this one. In this case the Richardson Lucy Op froze and crashed imagej when run through the op finder. I looked into it a bit, and it seemed it was a general problem that occurred when using a 3D image as input to any op. 2D images worked fine.

Any ideas what’s happening?? Is this a known issue?? If not I can report it.

Hi @bnorthan,

have you looked at this discussion:

Is this related to your issue?


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