Comet Assay Tails

I am working with cells produced by Comet Assays. Is there a way to isolate only the tail of the image? I would like to get the center of gravity of the tail, olive tail moment, etc. The closest I can get is removing the head region but what’s left isn’t only the tail (I did this by creating a tertiary object). I would like the tail region to be the part of the image to the right of the edge of the head.



There’s isn’t a way to do this exactly, but you might able to approximate it by using ExpandOrShrinkObjects to expand the head such that removing it using IdentifyTertiaryObjects (actually MaskObjects might be better suited) also removes enough of the comet to leave only the tail region for measurement. The downside is that the tail will be a bit smaller as well, in particular the region next to the head.