Combining tissue quantification and object classification in Orbit?

I have done some image analysis on histopathological images with Orbit software. I have successfully made model for tissue quantification using machine learning and also a different model for object segmentation and classification to classify two different cell types.
Now I would like to combine these two, meaning that model would first recognize the tissue from background and then count two different cell types inside this area. Is it possible to do this with Orbit and what would the workflow be? Does anyone have any other creative suggestions how and with which software to do this?
Thanks for your help!

Dear @lajomai,
sorry for that super late reply.
Indeed this is possible; it’s called ‘exclusion model’ in Orbit.
This is a (tissue) classification model applied on a low resolution of your image. Then, inside the positive area, another model, e.g. segmentation model, is applied.
Please find here the documentation about it.
Let me know if you need further assistance with it.