Combining raw image matrix files

I have a sequence of 450 seperate raw binary matrix files from a medipix detector for 3d CT reconstruction. I can load each file into imageJ individually by file->import->raw and selecting littne-endian bit order, and the right dimensions. All images are all 256x256. However I don’t want to do this 450 times. My end goal is to create a tiff stack of all the images in sequence, so I can process them outside of imageJ.

I tried installing Raw File Opener plugin: Link to Plugin

Which allowed me to select multiple raw data files to import at the same time but it throws this error:

Any ideas?

Haven’t you tried the “Open All Files in Folder” option to open all raw files in a (Virtual) Stack, see: (see section Raw…)

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Okay I’ve managed, just threw me because I couldn’t select them all