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I have a lot of images where I created annotations, these are saved in multiple projects. The reason for this was because we were working with multiple people and new images keep on coming. Now I would like to combine them all into one project, so that I can run a cell detection script for all the images in one batch. I did that before in Qupath version 0.1.2, where I created a new project containing all the images, and then I copied all the qpdata files in the project folder. This was easy as each datafile included the name of the image. In the newer milestones, the data files all have the same name (data.qpdata) and are in subfolders with the ID name (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.). I cannot just copy all the data folders in the new project because all the images have a different ID now. What I do now: I check which ID the image has in the new project, and copy only the data.qpdata file into the correct ID folder in the new project. This can be done, but I have a lot of projects and images. Does anyone know whether there is a more efficient way to do this? Thanks a lot.

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With the caveat that you should probably backup things before trying anything new, here goes…

In v0.2.0-m11 you can create a new project, and import images from v0.1.2 projects by selecting the projects (File → Project… → Import images from v0.1.2.).

But note that the prompt inside the regular File → Project… → Add images command states ‘Drag & drop image or project files for import’. This means that you should be able to drag in a project.qpproj file from another v0.2.0 project and all the images will be copied over.

The intention of this was to make merging projects in v0.2.0 much easier than it ever was in v0.1.2.


That was actually really easy, I did not notice that you could also drag a project into the ‘add images’ prompt. Thank you very much Pete!


Well, it’s quite new and the documentation is lagging behind the features - glad it worked!

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