Combining Multichannel Image with Single Channel Time Series

Hi, I’m having some trouble figuring out the best way to combine a multichannel image with a single channel image. For each field of view, I took a single 4 channel image followed by a time series of a single channel. The channel I’m most interested in is channel 0 in both files, and the other 3 channels in the first file are used for localization and identification. I would like to make a single file from each pair of multi-channel image & single-channel time series. The first frame of channel 0 should be from the multi-channel file, and all subsequent frames in channel 0 should be from the single-channel time series. In all frames, I need channels 1, 2, and 3 to be duplicates of channels 1-3 from the multi-channel image.

Thank you in advance!

A manual way of doing it would be to:

  1. Split multi channel image (Image > Color > Split Channels)
  2. Use Image > Stacks > Tools > Stack sorter and “Duplicate n” on channels 1-3 to duplicate by the same size as the time series of channel 0
  3. Add slice to the beginning of the time series of channel 0 (Image > Stacks > Add slice) and copy/paste the single frame of channel 0 from the multi channel image in to it
  4. Use Image > Color > Merge channels to merge the four stacks back in to a multi channel image in the correct channel order

There are other ways of doing this automated, but i don’t think stack sorter duplicate function is macro-able. There is probably a built-in function that I’m unaware of, would be interested to know if there is. I normally just make a new image with correct number of frames and paste the image in to each frame.



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