Combining image and object data in ExportToSpreadsheet

I would like to have an data output file that includes both object measurements and the file name of the image containing those objects. Is this possible?


Hi Mike,

This is possible, but in a round-about fashion :smile:

  • In ExportToSpreadsheet, you should check the “Add image metadata columns to your object data file?” setting. This adds per-image metadata measures to the per-object spreadsheets.

  • The next step is to actually create the per-image metadata to be saved. In LoadImages, you can create per-image metadata by selecting “Filename” from the “Extract metadata form where?” setting (you only need to do this for one channel). In the regular expression edit box that appears, fill in the following:code[/code] This will grab the full filename from each image and retain it as per-image metadata; if you want more fine-tiuned control over what part of the file name is saved, see the help for this setting.

The filename will now appear as a column called “Metadata_Filename” in the per-object spreadsheet.