Combining gates


I would like to define a gate with a curved and elongated shape on a scatter Plot (x, y) = (MedianRadius x AreaShape_Area) on images of nuclei stained with DAPI.
To clarify, this is somethiong routinely performed by people analysing flow cytometry data (but I need the microscope resolution for some of my markers so I cannot do this analysis by Facs).

Even if gates of complicated shapes cannot be done in CPA, I possibly could combined small square gates, or negatively considere some gates. I read on 2011 and 2012 post of this forum that this was envisonned at the time.
Any suggestion would help…


Hi Philippe,

You should be able to create gates by drawing an arbitrary shape. Essentially, use the “lasso” tool in the plot window menu. Try this:
(1)Load Scatter Plot.
(2) Choose x-axis and y-axis features. Click Update Chart.
(3) Create new gate, and name it
(4) In the ScatterPlot window menu, click the “lasso” tool.
(5) Draw your gate.
(6) The selected points should be highlighted after a moment.
(7) Right-click on the window to do any number of things to the gate.

Note that our support for this feature has fallen behind as we don’t have funding for a software engineer to deal with CPA issues (volunteers? :smile: ), so gating may have some bugs. But give it a try!