Combing results from multiple pipelines

I was wondering if it’s possible to take the results (exportToDatabase) from multiple different cell profiler pipelines. Basically it’s the exact same pipeline, but the IdentifyPrimaryObjects modules have been tweaked slightly between image sets because their characteristics are slightly better. But all the end data is the same, so I was wondering if they can all be combined so I can make one sqllite file and run CellProfilerAnalyst against all the data?

Please see this: Append experiments to existing database?

Search the Forum here for “sqlite” and “merge” and you’ll find some older discussions. Basically, since the critical ImageNumber column would conflict between Per_Image tables, you’d need to create a new column, e.g. TableNumber, that would increment for each new data table/experiment. Then concatenate the tables into a master table. You could also try creating an SQL “View” (a virtual table) though I’ve never tried with sqlite nor do I know it is possible.

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