Combined well statistics from multiple image fields

I have image sets from 4 different fields of the same well. I would like to export combined mean/median measurements for each well using the measurements of the 4 different fields. Is there a way to do this directly in CellProfiler?
I have been able to export the per well data as a file named Image_Barcode_RowNumber_column.csv, but each file contains 4 different rows each representing the values from each of the 4 image fields. Is there a mechanism to group these into a single row? Thank you!

ExportToDatabase does have the option of generating per-well aggregations. Despite the module name, you can have it produce a comma-delimited list of per-well data by selecting “MySQL/CSV” from the database type. The requirement for using it is that you need to have plate and well metadata as part of your pipeline, either extracted from filenames or included using LoadData. The downside is, I believe the CSV does not have column headers; this information is supplied by the .SQL file that is produced with it.