Combine particles analysis to calculate radial distribution function

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to process an RDF analysis but I first need to make some changes on my data, as the “Find maxima” process is not accurate enough to find the clusters.
I was thinking I could use the particles analysis, which gives me the centroids of each cluster, and use these coordinates to calculate the RDF. But I don’t know how to get the results from the table, and draw it as a point selection on my picture.

Could you help me?

Welcome to the ImageJ forum, @anais!

Are you familiar with the use of macros? You can read the values of the centroid coordinates using the built-in function getResult("Column", row).

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Thank you very much for helping me!

I found the way to modify the original RDF plugin written by Michael Schmid and Ajay Gopal.

I used the function getResults() to save and draw a point selection from the particles analysis results. It was easy then to adapt the plugin to calculate the RDF on these new data.

Now I just have to check the RDF output with an alternative method before using my new homemade plugin on my experimental data.

Thank you again.

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