Combine multichannel stacks?

Does anyone know why you can’t combine multichannel stacks using Image > Stacks > Tools > Combine… ?

The plugin works as expected with single channel stacks, but throws a datatype mismatch error (i.e., “This command requires two stacks that are the same datatype.”) whenever I try to combine 2-channel stacks. My first impression was that something was different between the stacks I was trying to combine in this way, but the error persists when I simply make two new identical 2-channel dummy stacks (i.e., using File > New > Hyperstack…).

I am running ImageJ v1.51e43 on Mac OS 10.9.5.

The plugin is apparently not intended to work with hyperstacks, as it errors out if either of the two inputs is a hyperstack:

@imagejan, is there a reason for designing the plugin this way, and can it be modified to work with hyperstacks?

Sure it can, ImageJ is open source. You can either propose a modification yourself here on the forum or ask @Wayne, the maintainer of ImageJ1, if he’s willing to modify it.

Upgrade to the latest daily build (1.51f2) and the Image>Stacks>Tools>Combine command will work with hyperstacks.

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