Combine different MAX files and time of the timelapse images stacks

Hi everybody!

I’m doing live imaging of drosophila brains, speciffically stem cells, in a Andor spinning disk microscope. My videos have between 5h and 15h and I’m new working with fiji so I have some doubts!
1st- How can I combine all the different “movie” files (they are snaps of the various z’s that I selected), per order, in one movie that shows all the live imaging period?
2nd- The time in the movies does not correspond to the real time of the live imaging (the spinning took snaps at every 3 minutes), being much more accelerated. How can I know?
The thing is that I’m trying to characterize cell division so I need the precise time to be able to follow the rate of division and see if my desire cells are sincronized…
Thanks in advance, I’m very dumb at this!

Hi @Patricia_Coelho

If I understood correctly, here are a few comments. Others may help with more details.

You can do that by going to Image > Stacks > Images to Stacks. More details about Stack-slice manipulations are here.

I am not familiar with Andor microscopy equipment and how the image metatada is generated. But the information of the time the image was acquired is usually available at the metadata. You can read the metadata of your images going to Image > Show Info Maybe you could give us more details about what the metadata shows when you take a look at it.

I would also suggest you to take a look at the many ImageJ tutorials (also from site).

I hope this helped!

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