Color Threshold RGB - missing % area measurement

hello, i did color threshold in RGB value to figure out how much plant part is green but when i did analysis it doesn’t show % area in image or in selection region. please, anyone may have solution.



Have you checked the desired sizes in Set Measurements ? 

Hello Matthew,
i did color threshold on my color image but i am unable to select region as ROI in my filtered image once, i select by rectangular selection tool and press select ROI automatically disappears and i am not getting percentage of area.

i did not see desired sizes in set measurements. Please, help me.

With a picture we can help you.

Hello mathew,

here is my color image. i use color threshold by RGB value now, i want to figure out percentage of green part (defined by me as RGB) on every single pot so, i want to use selection tool for only single pot at one time.

if you can fix it please help me.

thank You

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