Color Threshold method macro

Hey there,
I´ve got a problem with the collor threshold in Fiji/ImageJ.
In my macro i want to threshold some Picture with run(“Color Threshold…”);.
How can I automatically choose the method IsoData if there are different Images that I want to edit with this macro?

Would be nice if someone could help me!



I might be wrong here… but the method you choose will adjust the Brightness threshold - which is reflected in the values set there. How are you generating your macro code? Are you using the auto-generated macro created in Threshold Color via clicking Macro?

run("Color Threshold...");
waitForUser("choose method IsoData");

Is there an other option to run Color Threshold automatically without waitForUser and without a set value for brightness?

Dear @Jani

as @etadobson stated:

but before that read first the reply to your analysis question, because the question is if the image is suitable for an analysis of the parameters you desire by using a color threshold!