Color Separation in Merged Images

Hi all,
I have images where I have a cyan channel (homogeneous background) and a red channel (speckles of beads). When I merge these, the red beads become pink. I’m wondering if there is a way to tell Fiji to not merge the cyan/red colors to pink and just show red where red is present and ignore the cyan in those pixels.
Thanks for the help!

If you want that you will need to remove the cyan fluorescence where you have your beads. But you will loose some infos.

try to use image calculator, this is my example

run("Clown (14K)");
run("Split Channels");
imageCalculator("Subtract create", "clown.jpg (red)","clown.jpg (blue)");
selectWindow("Result of clown.jpg (red)");
run("Merge Channels...", "c1=[Result of clown.jpg (red)] c2=[clown.jpg (green)] c3=[clown.jpg (blue)] create");

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Thank you for your help! “Image Calculator” is exactly the function I was looking for.
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