Color adjustment and background noise in image

How can I reduce the background and noise from an image and convert it into grayscale? I looked at some youtube videos and followed the steps, but I am still not getting good images.



Hello smukhopa (Sudurika).
Since several readers have read your post yet no responses, I suggest you provide a reference image so we may know better what you are referring to.
You should only have to respond to this query to be able to upload a sample.

Thank you Bob, I am uploading an image now.

IMG_1302-Final.tif (92.8 KB)

Hello Sudurika,
I have looked at your image. This is what it would look like if you could see it from the side.

The two spots on the left seem to be the only problem.
I went to Process > Filters > Gaussian Blur and set it to 2. I then used Process > Math > Subtract set to 40 (your background intensity). Then again in Math > Macro set the formula to v=(v/92)*255
to give the maximum dynamic range for the image. And this is what came out.
Now if you need to make it binary then Process > Make Binary, use the line tool to draw a line between the two spots, then Edit > Clear to make them separate and your go on to obtain what ever data you need.Binary
Hope this helps,

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Thank you very much Bob!! I really appreciate your help on this. I followed your instructions and have much better images of the gels. Thank you for taking the time and looking into this! I just had two quick questions…When you provided instructions to make the image binary, I don’t know if I am doing it correctly, but I use the line icon and draw a line through the region which needs to be separated, but nothing happens. Not sure if I am doing it right. Also, I have three images I am working on right now and your instructions cleared the problems for two of the images, but the third image is no longer visible after applying the same method. I will try and figure out the specific threshold values for this third image, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking at it too. I have uploaded here. Thanks again for all your help!

SudurikaIMG_1308-Final.tif (43.6 KB)