Colony analysis on 6-well plate


I am currently trying to use CP to create a method for colony counting.
How would I now go about to find out the number of colonies for each well ?
Thank you for your help.

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(Edit: I have deleted the initial uploads)

I found a previous post that solved the problem. (viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3580&p=10197&hilit=math+features#p10197)
I have attached an updated pipeline.

The wells are identified using the IdentifyObjectsManually and then drawn in for each well using freehand drawing (Hotkey F)
The rest is pretty straight forward.
6wellplateColonyQuant.cppipe (19.1 KB)

Good to hear you found a prior solution!


I have returned to this pipeline and I am currently trying to reproduce it for CP 2.1.
My goal is to find a way to reliably quantify the number of colonies and the area of the colonies.
I am currently having an error at displaying the colony count per well (error message: Children has an unmeasured feature name).
I would be very grateful for any suggestions to fix the error and improve the pipeline.

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Colony Forming 2.1.1.cppipe (15.8 KB)


the problem was not a problem at all (error disappears when I click on the selection again).
Attached is an updated version of the 6 well colony formation assay pipeline.
I have updated the pipeline so it now gives out: mean colony size/area/mean and maximum colony radius per well on an image, as well as a scatterplot for the data.

Colony Forming 2.1.1 V2.cppipe (28 KB)