Colocalization with two zstack files of separate green and red channel

folks I have an issue in colocalization plugins. imagine I have a series of images z-stack, of red channel only and a series of the same sample in the green channel imported to FIJI by imageseq. I cant run colocalization on z-stack. anyone knows how to do it? on one single plane it is all fine but what about the whole volume? need the help of an expert Need to report the result by Monday and I am clueless what is the issue…

There is a nice suite of colocalization plugins that include ones for analyzing Z stacks and it comes with a detailed manual as well.

Please try these and let me know how it works for you. :slight_smile:

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Which colocalization plugin are you trying to use? Coloc 2? Coloc 2 does do colocalization over multiple slices of a z stack. Did you read the Colocalization Analysis overview on the ImageJ site?

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