Colocalization of KIT with different compartment

Hi guys,

I am trying to get quantitative data from IF images of KIT (red) and Rab 7, EEA1 and GM130 after drug treatment. I am trying to determine the quantitative colocalization of KIT receptor in this these compartment versus the quantity the amount of KIT present in the rest of the cells. I have tried to build a pipeline but I am not very gifted, the software loads the images then thresholds, but I don’t really know how to set the parameters correctly in the software…
I would greatly appreciate any help

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PS: I have attached one of my images.

Hi Safi,

You mention “quantitative colocalization of KIT receptor in this these compartment”; can you clarify which compartment the KIT is localized to?

Also, if you want a per-cell measurement, it would be best to have a DNA stain as well. I looked at the blue channel in the color image you posted (which is typically used as the DNA channel), but it doesn’t seem to have any useful information.