Colocalization analysis question

Background: I’m using Fiji version 1.0 for analysis using IF images. I analyze the signal intensity of the region of interest and colocalization of 2 different channel images.

Analysis goal: Getting the Integrated Density of a certain region, and the count of the nMDP value (from -1 to +1) from colocalization analysis.

Challenges: The newest version couldn’t get the count of nMDP value. I read many posts about the colocalization analysis, and tried colormap, but there is no way to get counts of nMDP values.

What I do now;

  1. change “Image type” of both 2 different color IF images to 8bit; 2) Plugins-Colocalization colormap-Colocalization; 3) Select 2 channel; 4) get the histogram of count nMDP values and nMDP statics.

I’d appreciate it if you would let me know how to proceed to get the counts of nMDP values. If you would know the most effective way to show colocalization of 2 images, I’d like to know the way as well.

Thanks in advance!!