Collating exported file into one

When I calculate the parameters of a hyperstack and export them into csv, BiofilmQ will export an individual file for every timeframe. Is it possible to export just a single file which will have the data for all the frames?
Even if I collate the files later, there is no information about the timeframe INSIDE the CSV, it is only present in the title. That makes it harder for downstream data analysis.

Hi Omkar,

unfortunately, there is currently no option in BiofilmQ that allows to export the results of multiple time frames into a single .csv file.

I understand that this can be quite an inconvenience for further analysis, especially with the information of time not being included in the content of the file - so thank you for bringing this to our awareness! We are still actively in the process of improving and updating BiofilmQ and user feedback is extremely valuable to us.

I am sorry that I cannot offer you any help right now, but I will update you when a new version becomes available that solves this issue.