Cobolt lasers in µManager 2.0gama


I have got two Cobolt lasers in my optical setup. I can choose the first one, set power and start emision:
mmc.setProperty(“Core”, “Shutter”, “Cobolt first Laser”);
mmc.setProperty(“Cobolt first Laser”,“12-Power Setpoint [mW]”, “5.0”);

Then, when I run command to tagg the second laser, the first laser stops emiting:
mmc.setProperty(“Core”, “Shutter”, “Cobolt second Laser”);

My question is what exactly happen with the first laser. Is it similar like if I write following comand for the first laser?

Does the first laser need any time to stabilize after run any of these commands?
mmc.setProperty(“Core”, “Shutter”, “Cobolt second Laser”);

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Which Cobolt device adapter are you using (there is “Cobolt” and “CoboltOfficial”).

Micro-Manager uses the concept of a single active shutter. When you change which shutter is “active” (by setting the Core-Shutter property), it will close the previous Core-Shutter and set the current one to the state of the previous one (i.e, open it in this case). So, if you would first set mmc.setShutterOpen(false), and then change the Core-Shutter property, the second laser would not emit light (but you can then do mmc.setShutterOpen(true).

If you want the lasers to emit simultaneously, you can use the Utilities-MultiShutter device, that combines multiple single shutters into one logical shutter.

Whether the laser stabilizes output quickly really depends on the type of laser. With diode lasers, this is no problem whatsoever, and they should stabilize very fast (but if this is critical to your experiments, you should measure the output). With gas lasers, or certain types of solid state lasers, this would not be a good idea at all and quick switching could destroy the lasers quickly.

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Both lasers are Cobolt S06-1 and the adapter is “CoboltOfficial”.

I don’t want to use them simultaneously. I just wondered about stability and safety during this switching.

Thank you for informations.

These? Cobolt 06-01 Series - HÜBNER Photonics - Lasers & THz systems

Looks good as they all list modulation times in the ns range. However, you really should ask your vendor.

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