COBA ImageJ/Fiji summer 2020 roadmap

Hi ImageJ/Fiji teams & interested parties!

Here is a brief summary of the @eliceiri/LOCI group’s technical efforts under the COBA center on ImageJ development over the summer.


  1. Complete pom-scijava 29.0.0 (see milestone) and make a new release of Fiji including latest versions of all bundled components

  2. Update PyImageJ component stack and release 1.0.0

    • Get latest pyjnius release onto conda-forge (see conda-forge/pyjnius-feedstock#19)
    • Release 1.0.0 versions of imglyb, scyjava and jgo to PyPI and conda-forge
    • Test 1.0.0 component stack on clean machines across all platforms
    • Release PyImageJ 1.0.0 and announce to community
    • Complete and submit PyImageJ paper
  3. Continue and complete development of new ImageJ and OpenSPIM websites



  • Continue coordinating ImageJ/Fiji-related tasks and projects
  • Monitor and respond to urgent issues in the ImageJ/Fiji developer community
  • Deploy mega-melt infrastructure to Travis CI for continuous BOM validation – see (1) above – with @hinerm
  • On vacation June 25 - July 5
    • Will check in about pom-scijava 29 status on July 6
    • Begin training @elevans on Python when back
    • Begin training Sam on GitHub Pages when back
  • Coordinate content migration from ImageJ and OpenSPIM websites – see (3) above – with Sam and @elevans
  • Complete PyImageJ 1.0.0 release – see (2) above – with @elevans


  • Complete the update to JBRSDK8
  • Continue working toward completion of pom-scijava 29
  • Coordinate with @ctrueden on next highest priority tasks in (2) and (3)


  • Spearhead initial content migration – through end of June
  • Starting July 6: transition to ImageJ + machine learning in Python
    • With @ctrueden, train on ImageJ Python functionality focusing on PyImageJ
    • Work with @ctrueden on PyImageJ releases – see (2) above


  • Continue work on imagej-ops2 in scijava/incubator
  • Modularize that codebase and work toward 1.0.0 component releases and Ops paper


  • In July, help complete the ImageJ & OpenSPIM website migrations – see (3) above