COBA-CellProfiler office hours and tutorials

Hi all,

Given the success of previous office hour events, our team is going to continue offering these at regular intervals (currently planned for every 2 weeks), sponsored by COBA, the Center for Open Bioimage analysis. We’ll announce for each session when registrations are open at - signups for this Friday 4/27 are live now!

Due to the high demand, we are implementing a one signup per year policy- we wish we had capacity to help everyone as often as needed, but there are thousands of users and only a handful of us. We definitely therefore advise you to already have a specific question in mind before you sign up, to make sure to make best use of the time you have!

We will also continue tutorials, which will now be collected at - you can check out the previous video intros to CellProfiler and CellProfiler-Analyst there now! For now, we plan to do most of these still as live to allow possibility for questions during the stream, but this week’s video introduction to Distributed-CellProfiler will be pre-taped and uploaded this Friday.

Please feel free to also use this thread to suggest topics for future workshops and tutorials!


if you were to run a tutorial on CellProfiler headless and scripting for batch headless on a server… i’d be interrested :slight_smile: (as I am in the other tutorials as well)

Our Distributed-CellProfiler tutorial was unfortunately delayed, but you can check it out now and ! We plan to be back with you next week with office hours and a new tutorial.

Hello again all-

CellProfiler office hours will be going on this Friday 5/8- sign up at our usual link, !

We’ll also be debuting a new YouTube workshop on “Segmentation & CellProfiler- Principles, 2D, and 3D” this Friday as well- find it then at

Our team is also hosting 2 new workshops at NEUBIASAcademy you can now register for-

@agoodman will be presenting a workshop called “A survey of contemporary computer vision tasks and advanced Python programming for image processing” on May 14th at 3:30pm CEST/9:30 am EDT - sign ups are here.

And I will be presenting a workshop called “Writing or modifying your own CellProfiler modules” on May 20th, also at 3:30pm CEST/9:30 am EDT - sign ups are here .

See you all online!


Hi all,

This workshop will stream at 12pm EDT- check it out here.

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Hi all,

Office hours for this Friday 5/22 are now open at !

We won’t have a specific COBA-sponsored CellProfiler Friday tutorial this week, because I’ll be teaching one TOMORROW Wednesday 5/20 as part of the NEUBIASAcademy series- Writing or modifying your own CellProfiler modules ” 3:30pm CEST/9:30 am EDT - sign ups are here

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Office hours again this week, signups at !

@Nasim will also be preparing a video tutorial this week for bridging ilastik to CellProfiler based on our existing tutorial ; if you’ve never had a chance to play with that one before, watch the end of this week for the new video!


Check out the CellProfiler tutorial on pixel-based classification with ilastik here.

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Summer fun being stymied by trouble with CellProfiler? Just a reminder that our office hours are available roughly every 2 weeks, with the next session this Friday! Sign up at

Once our CellProfiler 4 release is out in a few weeks, expect to see more tutorials, examples, etc, hitting this space!

First office hours since the new release! Hit us up at .

Want help with CellProfiler or CellProfiler-Analyst? Sign up for office hours this Friday -

We haven’t advertised them here in a while, but there still are office hours happening every two weeks- check them out at hours.

If you’re just generally curious about what’s happening in CellProfiler4, @DStirling has a fantastic YouTube video you should check out here !

Want help with CellProfiler or CellProfiler-Analyst? Sign up for the last office hours of this year, happening this Friday (Dec 11th):

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Hello 2021! We have high hopes for you.

If your image analysis troubles aren’t helping you kick the year off right, please do sign up for this Friday’s (Jan 8th) CellProfiler/CellProfiler-Analyst Office Hours!

CellProfiler office hours are back again this Friday! Talk with the team about your image analysis concerns, or chat with us about what is new in CellProfiler 4.1. Signups are available at

We just passed the one year anniversary of offering office hours- thanks to everyone here for helping make them such a success! We hope it has been successful for some of you as well. :slight_smile:
If you haven’t tried them out yet, or it’s been a while and you need a new session, we’ll be having them again this Friday! Sign up at

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