Co-localization on a cell basis


I started to create a pipeline to colocalize a green and a red signal expressed in cells, largely sticking to the examples and tutorial given here. In principle the pipeline works and I think I create all the info I would like to have, but I do not seem to get it out!
The problem is that I would like to get the number of colocalized objects for each cell, but so far I get all kind of info for each image (each with several cells) or info for each object, but not the info on objects colocalized per cell.
I attach my presumably too complicated pipeline (as I am not sure what I might omit), if someone has an idea I would be grateful…

Coloc-170613.cp (19.6 KB)

Hi Gerhard,

In this case, there is one last step that is missing in your pipeline: The resultant objects from FilterObjects (ColocalizedObjects) need to be related to the Cells objects for the count to show up. So you will need one more RelateObjects module in your pipeline, with the ColocalizedObjects as the children and Cells as the parent.


Hi Mark,

sorry for my late response and thanks for the quick one from your side.
My first approach following your suggestion seems to come close to what I want. I will fiddle around a bit more and and report. Thanks a lot!