Closing a plugin-generated window using ImageJ Macro (DeconvolutionLab2)

Hi everyone!

I am using a script to automate deconvolution of my images using DeconvolutionLab2 plugin.

Those of you familiar with using this plugin will know that upon running it creates a window called “Monitor of Run” that basically does what it says on the tin.

Since my script runs this over many different files, for every run on an image I collect one such window on my desktop. If I imagine an overnight job for 100 images I would get 100 of such windows. Unfortunately, according to a similar discussion previously held here, closing these “Monitor of Run” windows may not be solvable via macro.

But since DeconvolutionLab2 is a fairly popular plugin I was wondering how some of you work around this problem.

If you have any idea on ow to solve this, please drop a note.

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In the scripting manual of deconvolution lab2 under the controller tab there are some flags you can use to modify the output of deconvolution lab2:
Maybe those help?

Seems to be based on the outdated version:

Apparently you can call this plugin headlessly:

This presumably would not require or generate user interaction…

This was a major help. Thank you!!

Although I have not tried yet, it seems it is indeed turn off the “Monitor of Run” by passing the appropriate parameters when calling DeconvolutionLab2.

There are 3 options for “-monitor”, they are “console”, “table” and “no”.
So I guess I will be trying the 3rd option.

Many thanks!!


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