CliJx assistant Weka binary segmentation -- Is the classifier model updatable?

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Just a basic question here, I am trying to train a model with the weka binary pixel classifier through the CLIJx assistant but every time I train a different image the model file is overwritten. Is there a way to add to the file rather than overwrite it? Specifically I am talking about pixel classification via the CLIJx assistant plugin.

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Hey Ken @TREEBARK_forlife ,

unfortunately, this hasn’t been implemented yet. As a workaround you can stitch together a couple of images and train on the big stitched image. For stitching, you can just use ImageJ’s “Combine” function. Let me know if this helps!



Thank you Robert! Yes, stitching several images together with the combine feature prior to binary segmentation seems to be a viable solution. It greatly increases the accuracy of the classifier on my images of slightly variable contrast.

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