CLIJ2 Distance map calibration

The value in the distance map is always in pixel even if the image is calibrated in microns.

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Hi Philippe @pmailly ,

Yes, last time I checked with @haesleinhuepf, CLIJ does not support calibration. If your image is 2D I guess you can multiply your pixel value by the calibration, but if it is 3D not sure how to do.



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Hey @pmailly,

as @ThomasBoudier pointed out correctly, #clij doesn’t take physical pixel sizes into account. In that way the operation is also most similar to ImageJs functionality.

If you work with coordinates in point lists and distance matrices (a quite different concept, I know), you can multiply the point lists with physical units as demonstrated in the vector & matrices tutorial and similar in the tutorial on point lists and distance matrices. If you need support in reshaping your analysis to use this rather new technology in the ImageJ context, let me know. I’m happy to assist you. Also happy about feeback btw :wink: