CLIJ2.5 BETA release and call for testers 👷

Dear #clij fans,

following a annual May tradition I’m publishing the BETA testing release of clij 2.5. :partying_face:

Most important note first: clij2.5 is backwards compatible with clij2. No breaking changes were made. No code changes are necessary.

However, about 100 GPU-accelerated image processing operations have been moved from the experimental branch clijx to clij2.5 to make them long term available as part of a stable release. Some of these functions have been renamed while making this move. See the transition guide for how to update your code. For example, you can replace this line:

Ext.CLIJx_extendLabelsWithMaximumRadius(input, output, radius);

with this:

Ext.CLIJ2_dilateLabels(input, output, radius);

Btw. with this new version, the auto-completion in the script editor will suggest less clijx-functions as it doesn’t show deprecated methods anymore. Those can still be used and code examples can be found in the API reference.

Furthermore, I cut a stable release of the clij2 assistant, which only shows stable released functions of clij2 and does not contain experimental functionality and for example only code generators for the platforms ImageJ/Fiji, Icy and Matlab. If you have never heard about the assistant, check out our preprint and Elnaz Fazelis recent review

Call for testers :construction_worker_man:

I would love to receive some feedback from the community :slightly_smiling_face: If you want to help testing these new features, please download a fresh Fiji, activate the update sites “clij” and “clij2” (not the “clijx-assistant”!) and copy the jar files from within this zip file to your Fijis’ plugins directory. Also delete older versions of clij, clij2 and clijx jar files from that folder. You can then start the assistant from the menu Plugins > ImageJ on GPU (CLIJ2) > Start CLIJ2-Assistant.

Also please run some of your old CLIJ2/CLIJx scripts and let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks everyone for your support!

Next steps

If no major bugs are found, above mentioned features will start shipping with the clij2 update site in Fiji June 13th. Fingers crossed.