CLIJ new artifact repository (bintray -> sonatype)

Dear #clij users and Java/maven developers,

(for Fiji/Icy/Matlab/Macro/Python users nothing changes :slight_smile: )

Because the maven repository bintray was shut down recently, I had to change the way how clij artifacts are distributed. Starting from clij2 version (clijx, assistant, all artifacts are distributed via sonatype. Thus, if you had such an entry in your pom-file, you can (and should) remove it:


This is obviously a bigger change in deployment. Furthermore, due to bintray being down, old artifacts are lost. Backups exists on the Fiji update sites (1 2 3) and the correspoinding github repositores under releases. In case there is any trouble with the new artifact deployment server or in case you’re searching for an old artifact, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:



Thanks for notifying, @haesleinhuepf!

Just for completeness, if you depend on any of the clij* artifacts and have this entry in your POM:


… you should be fine as well, as the SciJava Maven repository mirrors all sonatype releases.