Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server

Hi guys,

I am trying to follow a method in this paper here to produce the features on a population of cell. The Reproducibility is quite very detailed except using MySQL for run the pipeline.

I have set it up base on my poor experience on MySQL but could not be able to run it since the connection is not setup right. ![Error_CelllProfiler|690x431]
Please see this captured image including the error that I have. Any suggestions will be really appreciated.

I am from electrical engineering so I have not have these experience before, I already try my best before asking for your helps.


As discussed in this thread, CP (especially old versions) doesn’t play nicely with MySQL8. Do you need to be using MySQL, or could you use SQLite or ExportToSpreadsheet instead? Otherwise, I’m afraid your only choice is to downgrade your MySQL or to follow Chris’s instructions in that thread (though I don’t know how well they’ll work for 2.1.1).

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Thank bcimini for all of your suggestions.
I will try with the previous version.