Clearing BG of image with faint florescent signal

Hi Cell Profiler Community,

I have a cell line that faintly expresses my reporter gene. With a fancy scope I can get the signal pretty clear, but I am collecting images on a GE InCell 2200 and the attached image is what I get after re-scaling the intensity. From this point, I am not sure what I can do to better clean up the image. Before I had more distinction between background and objects so I could get away with some quick and dirty image math. Now I need a bit more finesse.
I can make out the signal so I figure, with the right amount of skill I should be able to clean this up right?

The intensity histogram shows a single hump Gaussian curve so I am not sure how to cleanly discern objects from background. Though since I can visibly see it sort of there has to be a way right?
Example image jpeg snip of Tiff file

Thanks in advance.

Updated so example image would show.


I’m not certain which is your signal of interest. My wild guess at the moment would be to try the module “EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures”. If you’re interested in little dots, try option Enhance > Speckles > Size of object-of-interest is about 5 px or less.

If none of the options in EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures would help you, then I suggest to try any other modules that has that kind of “window probe”, where you basically screen the whole image and only enhance the objects that fits into the window-size and ignore the bigger regions, i.e. background.

Maybe that might help. But again, higher quality images should serve you better than these tweaks.

Good luck.