ClassNotFoundException for Plugin

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to run a plugin on ImageJ/Fiji. I’ve taken it from github and packaged it through maven. I had to fix an issue in the POM with the CorrectBleach dependency, but other than that, the maven part seems to work and I get a jar file (plus some other bits, e.g. class folder). I move the jar file to the plugin folder. I can see ‘CRIB’ and so I then select ‘Analyze Dots in Astro’ but I get an error: ClassNotFoundException Astro Dots. Astro_Dots.class is one of the files generated by maven, so it should be in the jar file.

Can anyone help me? I know very little about Java but I would have thought that the classes would be inside the jar file. I’ve no idea what’s going on and I feel I’ve run out of ideas. I hope I’m just making a silly mistake.


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Hey @temp_shee,

jar files are just zip files. Can you unzip your jar file and check if the mentioned class file is in there?

Let us know if this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh and would you mind sharing the full text of the Exception?