ClassifyPixel bug: AttributeError

I am trying up improve my previous CP pipeline with an updated Classify module from the latest rev of Ilastik 0.5.
Early attempts led to CP giving me extremely low probabilities (few pixels over 0) while it worked fine in Ilastik.
I made an updated version of my classifier based on a Random Forest classifier with variable importance and now I am getting the following error:

Error while processing ClassifyPixel
type object ‘ClassifierRandomForest’ has no attribute ‘loadRFfromFile’

Worth noting perhaps, I am running a version of CP2.0 with an update classifypixel module that was kindly provided by Lee as a result of a previous post of mine: Error in classify pixel of HighRes image

As previously, I am unsure if I should direct this to the CP developers or Ilastik, since I had such great luck here last time I am immensely hopeful though!

many thanks in advance


Hi Bolek,

The version of Ilastik that is bundled with CP is the only one that is guaranteed to work with the current release of CP, unfortunately. The attribute in the error message is most likely specific to the version you downloaded.