Classify function



Hi, I am having problems with the classify function. It seems like I am able to grab random cells from a image, however all the images displayed in the unclassified box appear black. I can easily open the images in the display image function. I dont know if this is related to the image format (16bit)? maybe you have an explanation.

best regards


Hi Kai,

Yes, this is likely due to the image format. Are these images from a 12-bit camera, written as 16 bit? This is a common problem which will cause the images to look very dark or black. CPA can usually deal with it in the Properties file, by setting “Image Format Information” to ‘Y’. But it is odd that Display Image would look OK, and different in the Classify window. Let us know any more information you can about your images (format, bit-depth, etc), and we’ll look into this further.