Classifier question

Hi all,
I am sort of new to CP Analyst and I have a question concerning the Classifier:

First let me say that for the way we do our experiments we can image and analyse 6 plates per week so we have several independent CellProfiler data files.

Now let’s say that in well B1 of “plate 2” I have a phenotype that I want to use to train CP Analyst. I do it and it works like a charm…on plate 2…but how can I now use the SAME TRAINING SET (or set of rules at least) to classify the phenotypes coming from OTHER plates? If I reload the training set on the properties file of, let’s say “plate 3”, it loads the images corresponding to well B1 in plate 3 which have of course nothing to do with what I want…

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance!


I actually find a solution: copy paste the rules in the new classifier window…it works! Now is that THE solution or there’s something else I should know?

No, you pretty much figured it out :smiley:

Thank you!